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Chow Down: This Week in Food Blogs

February 15, 2012 | 11:00 AM | Eat & Drink | By Alanna Watson

Candy coma? We’ve got a cure! It’s called real food and it doesn’t come in a heart shape nor is it artificially pink and/or red. Let us join in a collective sigh of relief and move past this fake holiday together. Here’s a redux of this week’s happenings in our favorite food blogs: 

You may not be constantly reminded of your “in a relationship” or “single” status come February 15th, but it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a newlywed couple in all their sweet naivety. Pen and Fork reports on this Cookbook for newlyweds entitled Our First Year by Jaclyn Douma. The book includes 84 simple recipes from Douma’s first year of marriage along with advice and party ideas to add some spice. Check out the full review and pick up the book to see for yourself. Even if you’re just cooking for one, good food is good food no matter who you eat it with.

You know how much we love Chow Bella’s countdowns so here’s another one we can get behind: Ten Favorite Phoenix Food Trucks. With all the festivals and food truckin’ going on in this area, it’s nice to know what’s good before diving in cold turkey. Clever names and culinary creations that will tickle your tastebuds await at places like Duck Duck Pig, Taste Right, Hey Joe! (hey! we know that one) and T Licious Tacos to name four of ten. The full list awaits you here along with recommendations of what to taste. PBD and J? Why not.

Golf and Tea. Tee time and tea time? EaterAZ already came up with it (drat) when reporting on the new magazine, AZ Golf Insider which combines food and golf in a way we never though possible. Golf club houses have started serving some real fine cuisine and EaterAZ is teaming up with the mag to write a column on said food for every issue. What a tasty and helpful collaboration for those lost golfers just looking for some good eats after 18 holes. Heck, we may even start visiting the restaurants even if we don’t golf because, let’s face it, eating is the only sport we care about.

Until next week, keep your eye on the prize, my friends.

Image via Chow Bella


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