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Candidate Drops Out After ‘Super-Extreme’ DUI Revealed

September 14, 2010 | 3:37 PM | People | By Staff

Oy vey. AZ’s long, strange campaign political season just keeps on truckin. Remember Steve May, the AZ congressional candidate (pictured in blue shirt) who got in hot water for convincing his homeless pals to run of office? You know, the same Steve May that the New Times once called a “Gay, Right-Wing Mormon” in a cover story 10 years ago that we’re going to finish reading any day now. Now the media is reporting that May has dropped out of the race after it was revealed that he was slapped with a “Super-Extreme” DUI in April.

Oh, and as for those Mill Rats turned political candidates pictured with May? One is in jail, one was last seen on a bus to Michigan, and the third couldn’t make it to court to defend his right to be on the ballot because, despite being a taxi driver, he couldn’t get a ride to court!


Political Pied Piper Leads Mill Rats to AZ Capitol

September 8, 2010 | 3:41 PM | People | By Staff

Hope you enjoyed your break from the wacky world of AZ Politics. OK, break’s over. Turns out an infamous local politician has a new pet project: helping Mill Ave’s homeless people (aka Mill Rats) find jobs.

Sounds great, right? Well, turns out the politician in question, a former Republican legislator, convinced a trio of street people (including the stylish Tarot Card reader pictured at left) to successfully run as write-in candidates for the AZ Green Party. Only problem, the AZ Green party wants nothing to do with these “sham” candidates and is suing to have them removed from the ballot before the elections in November.

Oh, and the politician, Steve May, was once described as a “Gay Right-Wing Mormon” in a Phoenix New Times cover story. Just another day at the office here in the political Wild Wild West.


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