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Chow Down: This Week in Food Blogs

August 24, 2011 | 5:55 PM | Eat & Drink | By Alanna Watson

Food Blogs again? It wouldn’t be Wednesday without it, so suck it up and read the damn thing like you know you want to. We love to give you this weekly summary that highlights the best of breakfast, lunch and dinner, the crème de la crème of everything from appetizer to dessert coverage and all the restaurant hype in between. It’s like Sparknotes, but not at all frowned upon by educational establishments. Here’s a redux of this week’s happenings in our favorite food blogs:

Let’s start out with ice cream. Or, since we hyped it up, the crème de la crème of ice cream from local shops that churn it out to satisfied masses. Those crazy competitive foodies at Chow Bella decided to do a Battle of the Dishes on the ice cream sandwiches from Churn and Sweet Republic which resulted in a sweet, chocolatey, gooey, creamy, cold war to the death that we would love nothing more than to be in the middle of. The verdict gave Churn the upper hand on their actual ice cream due to the ice crystals present in the Sweet Republic’s sammy (disappointing), but both places had hard cookies that were difficult to bite and lead to major ice cream squishage. We recommend bringing a napkin when heading to either establishment. »READ MORE

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