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Help Mother Nature by Eating Cupcakes

April 17, 2013 | 12:03 PM | Events | By Maxfield Barker

store-interiorYes, you read that correctly. April 22 is Earth Day and you should do your part. You can purchase an electric car, take public transportation, stay away from plastic grocery bags, or you can eat cupcakes. Every year, Sprinkles Cupcakes donates 100% of its profits to an environmental care organization. This year, the cupcakery is donating to the Desert Botanical Gardens. Who doesn’t love the botanical gardens? Since 2008, Sprinkles has donates over $68,000 to organizations like these. Way to go Sprinkles.

Enjoy An Eco-friendly Wine for Earth Day

April 17, 2012 | 12:30 PM | Eat & Drink | By Maxfield Barker

We like to believe that a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away but what about keeping harmful green house gases away? Just in time for Earth Day, Sunday April 22, Total Wine & More has picked out an awesome selection of green-friendly wines, beers, and spirits. These are products that have been organically grown, produced in organic vineyards or from sustainable resources. Everyone feels good after a good glass of wine, now you can feel good while doing good for the environment. Here are a couple of our favorites from the selection.

Sobon Zinfadel Hillside Amador – This zin from California’s Sierra Foothills offers ripe flavors of blackberry, blueberry and boysenberry with a hint of cherry and cranberry.

Releaf Organic Cabernet – An intense blackberry and vanilla hinted medium-bodied red from South Africa is made from 100% hand harvested, organically grown grapes.

Rain Vodka – This USA distilled vodka comes from organic white corn, that creates a superior taste profile. The vodka goes through a rigorous 20-day production technique that includes cold-water sweet mash fermentation and seven distinct distillations.

For a complete list of organic drinks, click here.

Total Wine & More | 1670 East Camelback Road | Phoenix, AZ 85016

Pack Your Picnic Basket for Earth’s Favorite Day

April 22, 2011 | 11:06 AM | Art & Entertainment | By Alanna Watson

Since Hallmark doesn’t make a card to celebrate Earth Day (and let’s be real here, if they did, it would probably be the most counteractive way to celebrate a holiday concerned with eco-friendly practices and the natural environment like, ever) what better way to observe the world around you then having an outdoor picnic in a beautiful (0ver watered) park? Good thing the Civic Space Park in Downtown Phoenix will be hosting an Earth Day Picnic so you can do just that.

On Friday, April 22 (Earth Day) from 11-2  the downtown community will gather together to eat off the grass and celebrate this nifty little world we inhabit. Live music, Art and local groups like Slow Food Phoenix, Cultural Arts Coalition and Roosevelt Row will all be in attendance with the Phoenix Public Market’s Food Truck Friday just steps away so you can get your grub on.

Grab a blanket, pack your favorite goods (in non-disposable containers, of course) and enjoy planet Earth.

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