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All Active/Retired Military Members Eligible for Free Dinner on...

November 10, 2014 | 12:11 PM | Restaurants | By Maxfield Barker

hotel-roomTomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 11, is Veteran’s Day. It’s a day we as a country give thanks to the countless members of the armed forces of the past and present. Who knows what would life would be like if it weren’t for their sacrifice. The least we can do is offer them a free meal. SASSI will be hosting a three-course meal where all members of the military and veterans will eat for for free. The specially created menu features an Italian chopped salad, Chicken Marsala or Beef Short Ribs, and for dessert, there’s a choice of flourless chocolate cake with espresso cream, and chocolate espresso. The meal is free for the military members, for everyone else, it’ll cost you $39. Reservations must be made at their website, you can do so by clicking here.

New Music Monday: Calvin Harris

November 10, 2014 | 9:54 AM | Sound | By Maxfield Barker

You might as well face it, electronic music is here to say. Do you remember when everyone made fun of techno? Oh have the times changed. Calvin Harris is one of the biggest acts in the scene. Constantly topping the charts, headlining festivals, and featuring famous guest singers. This is the first single off of his fourth studio album, Motion. The track is called Under Control. It’s one of those songs that just wants to make you dance and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Celebrate ‘Friends Giving’ on Thanksgiving Eve at...

November 7, 2014 | 12:00 PM | Events | By Maxfield Barker

kellysThanksgiving will be here in just a couple of weeks. It’s a time for family to get together and be thankful for one another. It’s also a time for petty arguments and awkward conversations about why you’re still single. To mentally prepare yourself, you’re going to need to pre-game. The best way to do that is at Kelly’s at SouthBridge. On Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, Nov. 26, the restaurant will be hosting their annual Friends Giving party. There will be live music, giveaways, and most importantly, amazing drink specials. What can you expect from Kelly’s that night? Enjoy $5 Old Fashioned cocktails, $5 Manhattans, $5 Wild Turkey Shots, a Pie Eating Contest for Nordstrom holiday gift cards and an ugly sweater holiday card portrait studio. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? The night at starts at 6:00 p.m.

The Weekender: Ginger Apple Martini

November 7, 2014 | 10:00 AM | Cocktail Recipes | By Maxfield Barker

Apple-Ginger-Martini-Cocktail-RecipeIt’s fall. Whether you like it or not, the holiday season is upon us. While you’re prepping for your family to get into town, you’re probably going to need a drink. The holidays are stressful, after all. Thanks to Inspired Taste, we have a nice little fall-inspired drink for you. This is the Ginger Apple Martini.


1/4 cup chopped apple

1 tablespoon chopped fresh ginger

2 oz vodka

1 oz orange flavored liquor (triple sec)

1 to 2 oz white cranberry juice or apple juice

1/2 oz lime juice


Muddle the apple, ginger, vodka and orange liqueur in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add the juices, ice, and shake. Strain into a martini glass garnished with a lime wedge.

New Spa Treatments to Prep You for the Holidays

November 6, 2014 | 12:11 PM | Shop & Style | By Maxfield Barker

2013 Gainey Village_treatment2‘Tis the season, right? It really doesn’t feel like it, yet. The stores have had their holiday decorations out for a couple weeks now, so we guess it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. It can be stressful, though. Hitting the spa will definitely help you alleviate some of that stress. The Village Health Clubs & Spas have just announced their new Sugar Berry Wine Treatment and additions to their spa menu. Debuting this month, the new spa menu will put you in the giving spirit. They will feature microdermabrasion facials, slimming treatments and exfoliating spray tans with their new Bliss spa products. Starting in December, the Sugar Berry Wine Treatment is 60 minutes of relaxation, starting with a vodka-raspberry sea salt scrub and followed by a white velvet buttercream-scented Shea butter massage. Since it has wine in the title, a glass of wine or a raspberry smoothie will be paired with the treatment.

Today’s Object of Desire: SmartFeeder

November 6, 2014 | 10:01 AM | Shop & Style | By Maxfield Barker

petnet-2Your pet is your life. If we had a dog, you better believe we treat it like royalty. They are man’s best friend, aren’t they? That being said, why aren’t you making them feel that way? The SmartFeeder is seemingly the easiest way to do that. This isn’t your average automatic feeder. Combined with an app for your phone, the feeder finds unique recipes for your animal based on its description. It can even detect foods for certain allergens. With the app, if you forget to feed your pet, don’t worry. You can feed them from pretty much anywhere while they anxiously await your return.

The Perfect Gift for Every Foodie in Your Life

November 5, 2014 | 12:08 PM | Restaurants | By Maxfield Barker

EA11ecF7-ZdM8jeflHanykctJfNTO--2oHjTkKyeK5AEveryone has that friend or loved one. They rave about the latest restaurant or entree they’ve had. They use words like artisan, farm to table, grass-fed, and heirloom. We’ve been there. So much in fact, we have the perfect gift for them. We have to accept that the holidays are practically knocking on our door, it’s time to get the gift giving out of the way. Fox Restaurant Concepts gift cards are a great start. For every $100 FRC gift card purchased between now and Dec. 31, you will receive an additional $20 gift card. You can keep it for yourself or give it away, as well. You can also enter to win $1000 in Fox Restaurant Concepts gift cards this holiday season, too. It’s easy, just snap a photo showing how you would enjoy the $1k card and post it using the hashtag #EverybodyWantsOne. Will it be mainly for drinks? Or maybe treating your whole family to dinner. Let them know.

‘Grow Your Mo’ to Support Men’s Health

November 5, 2014 | 9:57 AM | Local | By Maxfield Barker

uKACda-vMP2ATYR41v1603G0BXKZXxr6LxtGdLZlMuY,iOJjb8t5Bw_z41Z7OclxaCcVBLSCVjwDi3USo0MFveA,YjDccb-j8Canu-hdYgBuQU7lvWOgQ6NJhZjemoNJtUQNovember has affectionately turned into Movember. The Movember movement has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and raises awareness for men’s health issues. Let’s face it, cancer sucks. The more we learn about it, the quicker we’ll be able to stop it in its tracks. In honor of Movember, the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club has partnered with V’s Barbershops to support the movement. If you golf, then you should grow a ‘stache during Movember and hit the course, you will receive a $5 gift card to V’s Barbershop and the golf club will either donate $5 to the Movember Foundation or provide $5 off their round (we recommend donating, that’s the whole point, right?) While you’re growing the mustache, you might as well keep it for the contest. At the end of the month, the golfer with the best ‘stache will receive a one month membership to the club ($1,000 value) and a prize package from V’s Barbershop ($150 value). All donations will go to the Movember Foundation.

Editorial: Don’t Forget to Vote Today!

November 4, 2014 | 12:08 PM | Politics | By Maxfield Barker

VoteToday is Election Day. Just because it’s not a presidential election, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote. It’s an important process of being an American citizen. In the mid term elections, all 435 House of Representative seats are up for grabs, there are 33 Senate seats open, and there will also be 36 states electing new governors, including Arizona. Honestly, we don’t care who you align with politically. We just want you to vote. The U.S. never has the greatest voting turn-out, especially in a non-presidential election year. Just how bad is the mid term voting turn out? Look at this graph. It’s important to participate in the democratic process. It’s what makes this country different than others. If you’re one of those people who constantly complain about the government but never vote, you’re part of the problem. If you’re registered to vote and don’t where to do it, click this link and enter your address, that is your polling place. Now get out there and be an American, dammit.

Are You My Ride? ZelectricBug

November 4, 2014 | 9:55 AM | Are You My Ride? | By Maxfield Barker

zelectricbug-cropped-thumb-768x512-46108You’ve always been a flower child, right? You’ve dreamt of attending Woodstock and being one with nature. There’s usually only a couple of cars that come to mind when thinking of the hippie movement. One is the VW Bug. In today’s standards, it’s not exactly economical to own a classic one. The ZelectricBug will change all of that. This shop takes old school Bugs and converts them to 100% electric. It can reach 80 to 110 miles on one charge and has a top speed of 90 mph. It’s the perfect ride for cruising around town.

David Osmond Stops by the Valley to Raise Multiple Sclerosis...

November 3, 2014 | 11:58 AM | News | By Maxfield Barker

© Tim SoterDavid Osmond, nephew to the famous Donny and Marie Osmond, is on a mission to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. He stopped by the Phoenix Zoo on Saturday to sing songs and encourage others that there are ways to fight back against MS.

Diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis at 26-years-old, David has been battling the disease for nearly a decade. With the odds seemingly stacked up against him, David has never backed down, though, the fight can be tough.

“Every hour, more than one person is diagnosed with MS,” he said.

David was invited to come to Arizona to be part of the Walk MS: Phoenix event on Saturday. He was there to do what he does best, sing songs and meet and greet people.

This past year, David has been busy. The country-wide tour, as part of the Our Voice in Song campaign, has let him meet all kinds of people. He recorded the song I Can Do This”, which is devoted to inspiring people, not only those with MS, but people with any sort obstacle they need to overcome.

“I wanted to write a song that talked about my experience with MS,” he said. “The ups and downs, the hardships that it is. I wanted to be careful not to make a cheesy, sappy song. I wanted to do something that didn’t scream MS but at the same time.

People with and without MS can relate to it, he added.

The song is also a tribute to David’s famous family, who absolutely inspired the song. His grandfather, George Osmond, gave him words of wisdom that holds onto today. “I promise you David, you can do it. You can do it. David, Fight. Keep pushing back and I promise you, you’ll succeed,” David recalled.

It was that tenacity, that drive, and strength that is the whole inspiration behind the song, he said.

Just because there’s no cure, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to fight back.

“It’s affects people so different, but good news, there’s awesome things happening out there in the world of MS,” he said. “There’s therapy, there’s treatment.”

With the support that’s around, that e have access to when we get involved in the MS community. The support system that the MS community offers is what get’s people through the battle, he said.

“The people who fight back with just the power of positive thinking do fantastically better than those who don’t,” he said.

David will continue to meet and inspire others throughout his tour. You can download the song “I Can Do This” for free by clicking here. Also, be sure to watch the music video here.


New Music Monday: Hozier

November 3, 2014 | 9:51 AM | Sound | By Maxfield Barker

Hozier really has hit the sweet spot. First, the singer/songwriter became a hit with YouTube. You’re seeing that more and more these days. His debut album hit number two on the charts. Sure, this particular song is over a year old, but sometimes, it takes a while for a real hit to be discovered. You can also thank his amazing performance on SNL to up his popularity. You should probably do yourself a favor and watch this video for his song Take Me to a Church. It conveys a powerful message that will stick with you for the rest of the day.

Protect Gotham at the W Scottsdale’s Halloween Bash

October 31, 2014 | 12:18 PM | Events | By Maxfield Barker

00w-scottsdale-WET-deck-poolIt’s Friday. It’s Halloween. Surely, you’re not going to be staying in tonight. If you’re still looking for a party to attend, there are plenty going on around the Valley. If superheroes are you’re thing, specifically Batman-related ones, the W Scottsdale should be on your list for tonight. They will be hosting a Gotham themed Halloween bash. The hotel will be transformed into the dark city and it’ll be your job to save it. That’s if drinking cocktails and having a good time could in fact save a city. Regardless, grab your best costume and head over there tonight. There will also be room specials if you plan on not driving. Starting at $299 for the night, you’ll receive two specialty “Bruce Wayne” signature cocktails per person, two tickets per bed to the Gotham Halloween Bash on Friday, and a very nice 4:00 p.m. late check-out that’ll let you sleep in. If you just want tickets to the event, click here.

The Weekender: La Bruja Negra

October 31, 2014 | 10:04 AM | Cocktail Recipes | By Maxfield Barker

SOL_LaBrujaNegraThis is the kind of spooky cocktail that is perfect for today. Why today? Because it’s Halloween. Courtesy of the folks at SOL Mexican Cocina, the La Bruja Negra is exactly what you’re looking for while at that Halloween party or if you’re just passing out candy to kids. Let’s take a look.


4 muddled blackberries

0.5 oz Agave

1oz Pom Juice

1oz Lemonade

1oz Lime Juice

2 oz Corralejo


Shake and strain into a martini glass. Top with a splash of Champagne and add a couple cubes of dry ice.

Arrogant Butcher to Donate Proceeds to Mollen Foundation

October 30, 2014 | 11:54 AM | Restaurants | By Maxfield Barker

mSCmIHulrxjKkzE8SmF2_yOlC8_wMCilb2sYngTQLLgThis Sunday, Nov. 2, runner from around the Valley will get together to participate in the 39th Annual Phoenix 10K and Half Marathon. Every year, the run raises money to prevent childhood obesity. On the day before, Nov. 1, runners and everyone who’s hungry should head to the Arrogant Butcher in downtown to load up on carbs. Why? The restaurant will be donating 10 percent of their sales that day to the Mollen Foundation, a local non-profit and the race’s beneficiary. On that Saturday, Arrogant will feature The Record Breaker, a dish made with pappardelle pasta, smoked chicken sausage, roasted squash, asparagus, mushrooms and ricotta. Sounds like a tasty way to donate to a good cause.

Today’s Object of Desire: Sagaform Cocktail Set

October 30, 2014 | 9:47 AM | Shop & Style | By Maxfield Barker

sagaform-cocktail-setSometimes, it’s nice to be the host. You can’t go out to the bars every single weekend. It get’s really expensive. When hosting, you’re going to be making drinks all night. The Sagaform Cocktail Set will make you feel like a professional. A stainless steel measuring cup, cherrywood muddler, and a cherrywood citrus reamer will be the tools of your trade. Your friends will be so impressed with your tools, they’ll have no idea that you actually don’t know what you’re doing. That’s okay. We won’t tell anyone.

Holiday Baking Classes to Take Place at Jewel’s Bakery

October 28, 2014 | 12:09 PM | Eat & Drink | By Maxfield Barker

unnamedHalloween is this Friday and it’ll be over before you know it. What comes next? Well, there’s Thanksgiving and then Christmas. What those two holidays have in common is baking. Pies, cakes, all sorts of desserts are waiting to be made and ultimately consumed. A lot of people, ourselves included, have no idea how to bake. Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe will be hosting a couple of baking classes to teach those of us who are completely lost. First, Tomorrow, Oct. 28, you can learn how to make holiday cookies with Chef Julie at 6:00 p.m. For $25 for the class, she will teach you the basics of baking and frosting, along with some extra tricks and tips. On Wednesday, Nov. 5, macaroons are on the itinerary ($50). Finally, on Wednesday, Nov. 19, Chef Brad will teach you how to make gluten-free side dishes ($40). Each of these classes will include samples and a complimentary drink. Time to get your bake on. For more info and to reserve your spot, click here.

Are You My Ride? Ferrari F60 America

October 28, 2014 | 10:02 AM | Are You My Ride? | By Maxfield Barker

ferrari-f60-america-cropped-thumb-768x512-45537Even though Ferrari is an Italian carmaker, they still pay homage to the U.S. In the tradition of building limited edition cars, the Ferrari F60 America is something any well-off American should own. If high-end sport cars are your thing, of course. The F60 has a V12 engine that obviously can pick up some speed, but that’s not its point. The F60 is American. Complete with American flag detailing in the center of both seat’s backrest, a cabin design with red trim, and a blue and white paint job to pay reverence to the North American Racing Team livery. There will only be 10 cars made and they already have owners. Bummer.

New Music Monday: Brave Shores

October 27, 2014 | 11:56 AM | Sound | By Maxfield Barker

Just because it’s October, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sounds of summer. Canadian indie pop band Brave Shores brings catchy melodies and a sense of warmth to Universal Music in Toronto. Made up of siblings Jay and Stefanie McCarrol, the duo spent the summer working on their first EP, which will drop tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 28.

“Everyone immediately calls it a summer jam. It’s not really a surprise because it was born from summer,” Jay said. “Everything about it is summer.”

It has that kind of innocent, fun feeling, he added.

According to Jay, he has spent the majority of his life writing somber, indie rock music. Brave Shores is a complete 180 from what he’s used to. Though, that somberness can still be heard and seen. When watching the recently-released music video for the song Never Come Down, it seems to show a combination of comedy and sadness underneath the upbeat tempo.

When asked about the video, “I like it when I hear it still evokes a twisted or some angled feeling you get from it because there’s a slight darkness that naturally comes out of our writing,” Jay said.

The duo wants the melding of their sound to be a sense of lightness and darkness. Sunshine and shade, he said.

Jay and Stef first started writing music together when they collaborated on a song for a Bell communications commerical. Which ultimately goes to show you, if it works, keep at it.

Though, the band lives and plays in Canada, they would love to bring their sound to the States. In their words, they are looking for opportunities to tour around the country and you better believe AZ will one of their stops. Lucky for us, they have another music video planned, but for now you can listen to a couple tracks on their Soundcloud page.

Also, be sure to watch their video for Never Come Down below.

Lux Coffee Bar to Open New Downtown Location

October 24, 2014 | 12:13 PM | Restaurants | By Maxfield Barker

1505045_712300272181045_8383926547290045563_nLux Central is one of those where you can purchase a great cup of a coffee or a nice beer or glass of wine. The popular spot on Central avenue has just announced that they will be opening a new location in downtown Phoenix. Some of you may think that downtown doesn’t need another coffee shop. What the new location, dubbed Lux Commonwealth and County, has to offer may change your mind. Unlike other coffee shops, they will be open from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, Sunday through Thursday. On weekends, they keep their doors open until 2:00 a.m., just like your favorite bars. Handcrafted cocktails, full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, bakery, and delicious coffee/espresso, will keep Lux alive and prospering. The new location will be located on Portland and First street in downtown. Be on the lookout for the opening in 2015. We know, it’s a long time to wait.

The Weekender: Pear Pomegranate Cooler

October 24, 2014 | 10:02 AM | Cocktail Recipes | By Maxfield Barker

image002 (1)Pomegranates and pears, what an interesting combination. Throw some alcohol in there and you’ve got quite the drink. One would even say it’s fall inspired. Well, thanks to the Thirsty Lion Pub in Tempe, we have another great cocktail to share with you this weekend. This is the Pear Pomegranate Cooler.


1 ounce Absolut Pear Vodka

¾ ounce Pear Puree

¾ ounce simple syrup

1 ounce POM Juice

1 ounce Lunetta Prosecco

1 pear slice


Build cocktail in a pint glass over ice. Shake 10 to 12 times. Pour into a 12 ounce collins glass over new ice. Float the Prosecco over the drink. Garnish with a pear slice and long black straw.

Arizona’s Top Chefs to Show Off at ‘Cooks & Corks’

October 23, 2014 | 12:06 PM | Events | By Maxfield Barker

chef group shot 1Every year, for one night, 12 of the best chefs in Arizona come together for an evening of great food, superb wine, and a whole lot of fun. Who are these 12 chefs? Well, to name a few: Matt Carter of Zinc Bistro, Kevin Binkley of Binkley’s, Christopher Nicosia of Sassi, and Travis Garner of Captial Grille, and many more. Additionally, a collection of winemakers, along with fine spirits and craft beers will be provided by Hensley Beverage Co. On Friday, Nov. 14, the night will once again take place at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North. The outdoor event is more than just a night of good food and drinks. All net proceeds raised will go to support the Scottsdale League for the Arts in its effort to promote the Arts and Arts Education in Arizona. General admission  tickets are $125, but for $175 you can enjoy the VIP Mix & Mingle with the chefs. Get your tickets here.

Today’s Object of Desire: iPad Air 2

October 23, 2014 | 9:56 AM | Shop & Style | By Maxfield Barker

ipad-air-2-cropped-thumb-768x512-45695Are you one of the people who bought the iPhone 6 right when it came out? Well, if you’re a true Apple fan, you’ll probably want this bad boy. This is the iPad Air 2. It may not look a lot different than the previous Air, but trust us, it is. It measures at just just 6.1mm thick, has a brand new eight megapixel iSight camera capable of 1080p and slow-mo video, anti-glare Retina display, and the touch ID home button. It’s really just a fantastic machine, no matter what you will be using it for.

Brunch for a Cause This Sunday at SumoMaya!

October 22, 2014 | 12:07 PM | Restaurants | By Maxfield Barker

diningWe know how much you like brunch. Heck, it might even be a slight addiction. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you. In fact, we very well may just enable that brunching habit of yours. You’re going to have to get brunch this Sunday when we tell you it’ll actually do some good. Yes, you can brunch for a cause this Sunday, Oct. 26 at SumoMaya. They will be donating 10% of their brunch sales this Sunday, to Be The Match, a bone marrow donor registry, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Thousands of people are diagnosed with blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma every year. The donation of bone marrow saves countless lives suffering from those diseases. If you want to know more about Be The Match or the donation process, representatives will be onsite to answer all your questions this Sunday.

SumoMaya | 6560 North Scottsdale Road | Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Trick and Lots of Treats at the 14th Annual Ghostball Block Party

October 22, 2014 | 9:52 AM | Events | By Maxfield Barker

unnamedWe can’t tell you how excited we are Halloween is on Friday, this year. That makes the ability to go out and have a good time that much easier. One question comes to mind, though. What are we going to do? There are plenty of events happening around the Valley and we’re going to try to bring as many as we can to your attention. For instance, the 14th Annual Ghostball Block Party is on its way. Old Town Scottsdale will light up with scary fun and sexy costumes. Scottsdale’s biggest Halloween block party will take place on Oct. 31 (duh) from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. You could even win up to $10,000 in cash and prizes if you participate in the sexiest costume contest. The combined efforts of Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails, Bottled Blonde and Maya Day and Night Club will ensure a good time. DJ Kryoman will playing the block party, but famed DJ Paul Oakenfeld will be playing inside Maya. Tickets for the block party cost $20 and can be purchased here.

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