Oils and Olives (and Deliciousness)

June 14, 2012 | 10:40 AM | Eat & Drink | By Alanna Watson

It would be easy to simply list the reasons why olive you need to check out the newest shop to hit Kierland, Oils & Olives. And no, sadly we didn’t come up with that clever pun on our own, “Thank You From Olive Us” is actually printed right there on the bags as a reminder that the place you just discovered was indeed awesome and you should probably tell your friends to get over there. STAT. From the family that brought you Queen Creek Olive Mill, Arizona’s only working olive oil mill and farm, Oils & Olives carries all of the delicious product you love from the Arizona brand including specialty oils and vinegars, stuffed olives, mouth-watering tapenades and spreads and even chocolate, baked goods, cookbooks and beautiful dishes that allow you to put together the perfect gift, hostess or otherwise, in one fell swoop (with wine coming very soon). The best part? You can actually sample nearly everything in the store to create the perfect combination. If that task seems overwhelming, you can just ask owner/manager, Sydney Rea, or her very knowledgeable staff for a few tips.

Sandwiched between Sur la Table and Bobby’s in what used to be a specialty wine store, Oils & Olives underwent a complete renovation before opening its doors in May. The space now features large windows, cement flooring and steel display structures that give everything a very open, modern and industrial feel which is in contrast to the mill’s more rustic, farm decor. Everything was either designed or picked out by Sydney and her father, Perry Rea, with the result being both very stylish and easy-to-shop.

After the success of Queen Creek Olive Mill, customers and fans of were clamoring for a way to get the product a little closer to home.”This was something Dad always wanted to do,” said Rea, and, since the business has always been a family affair, it was natural that Sydney, the eldest of the Rea clan, be the one to help make it happen. “We’ve all worked at the mill at some point,” said Rea of her and her four siblings, “it has always been very family oriented.” This idea of family comes across when you enter the store where everything is just begging to be tasted. It’s almost as though you’re actually in an Italian family’s kitchen and there’s a large, communal table inviting you to sit down and stay awhile. While there are dozens of choices with endless combinations, the one Rea says you should definitely try when you visit? “Bacon Olive Oil.”  She recommends you drizzle it over a simple spinach salad or use it as a base to cook your eggs in the morning. While it’s actually vegan, the bacon-flavored extra virgin olive oil (recently featured on Uncrate) was voted on by the public as the flavor they would most like to see Queen Creek Olive Mill come out with next…kind of making you part of the family, too.

Check out some pictures of Oils & Olives below and be sure to stop in sometime soon.





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