Are You My Ride? Aston Martin DBS Ultimate

May 22, 2012 | 1:48 PM | Uncategorized | By Maxfield Barker

Do you ever wish you could be like James Bond? Especially if fancy cars, gadgets, and tuxedos are some of your favorite things. Well, you can get one step closer to your dream with the new Aston Martin DBS Ultimate. You’ll be on your way to stopping evil doers in this standard 510hp V12 monster. Aston Martin has always been the epitome of class, but with the carbon fiber wing mirrors, darkened front grille, black tail pipes, and diamond-quilted stitching, this British super-car company knows what they’re doing. You even have the option of choosing the brake caliper color (yellow, red, or black). Available in a coupe or convertible body and in three different colors, this car is still $TBD.




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