DIY Tuesday: Bowl ‘O Army Men

April 10, 2012 | 11:00 AM | Home & Design | By Alanna Watson

We wish there was a better name for this amazing DIY project we stumbled upon this weekend from Boing Boing, but sadly nothing seems to do it justice. This is a bowl made out of melted, plastic army men and it is something you can create all by yourself (or buy from artist Dominic Wilcox, but where’s the fun in that?) Think of it as reliving your favorite childhood pastime of melting them down with a magnifying glass (because everyone did that, right?), but for an actual purpose. The finished product looks amazing and is functional, too. You just need roughly a company of plastic army men, a pyrex bowl, a working oven and a little patience for some hand melting action. To read the full directions visit the website here. At ease.




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