Today’s Object of Desire: Ilse Jacobsen’s Lace-Up Boots

March 19, 2012 | 2:30 PM | Her | By Maxfield Barker

We know that you will probably only wear these once a year here in the Valley and you’re probably wishing we told you about the new Ilse Jacobsen lace-up boots before today. But we feel it would be disservice if continue to keep these Scandanavian-inspired boots to ourselves, even with sunny skies ahead. These simple, yet stunning boots come in a variety of colors and are handmade using natural rubber, extracted from Malaysian Rubber trees, so that makes them both sustainable and fashionable, right? The water-proof boots have a cotton fleece lining and a lightweight sole, plus plenty of design soul as well. At $199, you’ll be praying for another rainy Phoenix day. 




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