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March 7, 2012 | 11:00 AM | Eat & Drink | By Alanna Watson

If you’re going to eat something, you may as well enjoy it. This doesn’t mean over-indulgence in fried foods or sweets , nor does it say that guzzling coffee everyday is going to help you live a long and healthy life, but it does give a little leeway to the idea of having a strict diet, “not” eating certain foods or skipping meals. Whether your struggling to grab a quick cupcake when visiting our westernmost neighbor state (hey, it could happen) or escaping the city life in the White Mountains, we’ve got ways to help you get what you want wherever you are. Here’s a redux of this week’s happenings in our favorite food blogs: 

Naturally, when one thinks of a Bloody Mary, beef is the next thing that comes to mind. Okay, maybe not, but the idea isn’t totally disgusting, right? EaterAZ sure thinks the two were a match made in hangover heaven thanks to Benny’s and the creation of Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straw (direct. to the point). These salty cylinders of beef only cost about a dollar each and you can order them here or try them out at Copper Blues and CJ Talley’s Pub where they are currently used, according to EaterAZ. Mmmm. Beef.

So this idea that machines are going to take over the world is still a legitimate fear for many people. We’re not saying us, but after running morning errands where an ATM deposited our checks and transferred funds at the click of a button and a car wash turned our vehicles from off-road to paved road acceptable for only five bucks and a quick drive through, it’s easy to see where the fear comes from. Now, thanks to a Sprinkles in Beverly HIlls, cupcakes can come to you without having to speak to a single person. That’s right, Chow Bella has reported on the earth shattering invention of the Cupcake ATM. A large, pink dispensary open 24 hours that will deliver those frosting laden tiny cakes with the swipe of a card and eliminate any human contact. It’s happening.

Finally, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Justin Lee of Justin Eats, but the wait was worth it as he has delivered quite the list of where to dine when you find yourself in the White Mountains region. The list has taken years of escapes to White Mountain to curate  and doesn’t include the abundance of  “mediocre BBQ” and “neon hued sauces that could incite diabetic shock” . The list includes eight restaurants in the area that range from Mexican (pictured above) to not-mediocre BBQ to Italian and pretty much everything you might crave when you find yourself two and a half hours away from the food mecca that is the Valley. Read the list here.

Until next week, eat well, my friends.

images via EaterAZ and JustinEats




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