Tips for a Hot Valentine’s Night

February 14, 2012 | 2:00 PM | LivingWell | By Maxfield Barker

The day is finally here. Restaurant reservations are made. Hotel room: booked. Flowers: ordered. People all across the world are getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with that special someone. Over the last couple weeks we have been giving you some tips on how to celebrate today. By now you’re probably like, “Yeah, we get it.” But alas we have more for you and this is the stuff you’ve been waiting for. Thanks to Dr. Al Borhan and Dr. Mark Hong, of Affiliated Urology, here is some valuable info to keep your flame burning all night, and for years to come.

We know you’ve been preparing for tonight for awhile now. Everything has to go perfect and we’re here to help. Having the night go off without a hitch is essential, especially in the bedroom. Since you’re already going out to eat tonight, why not kill two birds with one stone? Consider ordering raw oysters, bananas, avocado, and nuts. And of course, finish off the meal with something chocolatey. These foods are known to provide the necessary fuel to spark your sexual appetite and increase your libido.

Gentlemen, naturally increase your testosterone over time with the following recommendations:

1. Get a good night’s rest, preferably eight hours. Sleep naturally replenishes your testosterone levels.

2. Start eating some monounsaturated fatty foods regularly like nuts, fish, olives, seeds and avocados.

3. Be sure to cut down on soy products because they’re known to increase your estrogen (not exactly what you want gents).

4. Get your workout on. Building muscle not only increases testosterone and decreases fat content, it’ll make you feel good about yourself. Everyone likes a more confident you.

5. If you’re a smoker, it might be a good idea to quit now because (aside from the health benefits) Nicotine leads to low T levels. If you’re feeling nervous, just take a moment and relax, meditate if you have to.

We hope this helps. Now go get ’em tiger!





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