Coronado Historic District: Then and Now

February 7, 2012 | 12:30 PM | Dwell Arizona | By Staff

Introducing Shawn Beaird of Dwell Arizona, realtor with Pascale Group of HomeSmart Elite specializing in modern and contemporary homes, mid-century modern homes, historic districts, and urban high-rises. With a passion for modern design and architecture, the Arizona native, brings us the latest in Valley real estate and home news each month.

There’s something genuinely beautiful about blending the old with the new in home design, maintaining the historic nature of something while giving it a contemporary or modern twist. This synthesis of old and new can be found throughout many of the historic districts we have here in Phoenix. If you have never had the pleasure of touring some of these neighborhoods and homes filled with character and charm, now is your chance!

Coronado Historic District is having their 25th Silver Anniversary Home Tour: Then and Now. This home tour will mark 25 years of Coronado home tours, explore how far the neighborhood has come over the years, and celebrate tradition while honoring innovation and renovation.

This historic district features many styles of homes from bungalow, English Tudor, Spanish Colonial Revival, Pueblo Revival, and Southwest, to a few more recently built contemporary homes. Many of the residents are from creative industries and backgrounds, leading to very charming and stylish renovations to their historic homes, some of which will be featured on the tour. Not only will visitors be able to tour homes, but there will also be several events such as yoga, dog training, music, food and vendors of all types. Also on display will be the 2nd Annual Coronado Classic Car Show with unique classic cars lining the streets.

A large area of homes is covered by the historic district designation in Central Phoenix, bounded by McDowell and Thomas to the south and north, and between 7th St and 16th St to the east and west.  The tour will focus on a smaller, much more specific section of the neighborhood.

Tour Details: Sunday, March 4, 2012, 10 am to 4 pm
Centered on Sheridan Street between 8th Street and Mitchell Street (3 blocks south of Thomas)
Tickets are $15 day of tour or $12.50 in advance

Visit Coronado Home Tour website for more info and to purchase tickets.

Here are just two of the interesting homes on tour after the jump:

Roddy Residence – Winner of Arizona Environmental Excellence Award 2008
1928 Bungalow – contemporary/rustic (main photo pictures)

Originally a 900 square foot home, the owners built an expansive addition nearly doubling the size of the home, adding another bedroom, a dining room, home office and a library. The addition was constructed of pre-engineered 100 percent recycled steel, fabricated in a local shop and put together on site in only two days. The owners describe this renovation as an experiment in affordable  construction methods and sustainability standing as an example for the potential of revitalization, through the integration of salvaged building materials, high performance glass, green screens, and water conserving fixtures.


Pearce – Jiang Residence
1925 Bungalow – contemporary / rustic renovation

The original wood floors were sanded, stained, and re-finished. The hearth is also original; however, the mantel and built-in shelving and that once flanked both sides of the fireplace when it was built in 1925 had been removed, and rather than replicate the missing artifact, a simple surround was fabricated from steel and allowed to patina naturally.

The most dominant feature created in the house is an accent wall made of black oxidized steel plate running along one side of the main hallway, surprisingly with no exposed fasteners. A steel angle base enables the wall to transition seamlessly against the wood floor. This striking wall is one of the first elements that strikes the visitor upon entering the home, and it sets the tone for an almost industrial aesthetic and use of raw finishes that is carried throughout the remainder of the home.  A section of existing wood lath in key areas was left intentionally exposed to display this type of early wall construction type found throughout the house.

The industrial theme is really showcased in the kitchen, from the unistrut framing of the shelving to the concrete countertop, to the chalkboard wall. Custom accessories fabricated byCarbon-Vudu LLC, the owners design-build firm, include the hanging pot rack and the spice shelf.  All components and furnishings within the kitchen are designed for ready access and ease of cleaning.


Photos courtesy of Liam Frederick and



  1. Kristin Heggli
    March 14, 2012 12:57 PM

    Wow, so many neat re-designs in this neighborhood! I went on the home tour last year and didn’t see anything like this. Very cool.

    Kristin at Hotel Valley Ho

  2. Nicole Torres {designitgirlblog}
    May 22, 2012 3:56 PM

    Love this, i am so glad I found Desert Living. I have never been to Arizona, but style/design rocks.

    I blog over at
    I look forward to reading it all.


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