Skip That Workout? It’ll Cost You

January 30, 2012 | 7:55 AM | National | By Staff

There is now more of a price to pay for not going to the gym than a growing waistline. GymPact, a new website and iPhone app, tracks your gym attendance, rewards you for hitting the treadmill and punishes you for, well, not. Upon signing up, you establish the number of days per week you want to exercise and the monetary stakes you’re willing to pay weekly if you don’t (say, $5). You prove your commitment by checking into your gym with GymPact’s app, which calculates your GPS coordinates to confirm your whereabouts. Those who don’t stick to their weekly goals have their credit cards charged for the agreed-upon amount. Those who do, however, are rewarded with real cash, which is credited to their account and funded by the people who didn’t work out. If all this sounds a tad inflexible, fear not: members can change their pact at any time or freeze their membership when they go on vacation. Regardless, even if the prospect of paying for laziness strikes you as perverse, you have to admit that getting paid to work out sounds pretty nice.




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