Found Out About You: Record Like a Rock Star at the MIM

January 6, 2012 | 9:30 AM | Art & Entertainment | By Staff

Bringing the music news to the people, guitarist-turned-contributor Scott Johnson of the Gin Blossoms returns in this month’s “Found Out About You” with an insider look into the recording studio at the MIM, plus details of the museum’s upcoming centennial exhibit.

By now you’ve probably spent and hour or two visiting the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Scottsdale. If you have not been, you must go (after you’ve read my article of course.)  Not only do the guitars make this picker drool, but the rock star-worthy recording studio housed adjacent to the main stage now available for recording your own tracks is impressive to say the least. If you’re a musician and you’ve got a tissue handy to wipe the drool from your lips, here’s what the MIM has stocked for your next album:

Instruments: A Steinway Model D grand concert piano, a Yamaha recording custom drum kit, 50th anniversary VOX AC30 hand-wired custom, Fender Deluxe reverb reissue and David Eden WT800 and a 410XLT bass rig.

Microphones: The microphone locker is something special, its contents are valued at more than $155,000 and it contains many Sennheiser, Neumann, Royer, Beyer and Earthworks high definition microphones.

Recording gear: Apple Mac Pro running Pro Tools 9 HD|3 Accel, Avid C|24 Control Surface, Klein and Hummel O300 Monitors, Genelec  8040A monitors, Grace Designs M802 pre-amps with remote, Apogee DA16x D/A converter, Apogee AD16x A/D converter, Apogee Big Ben Master Wordclock, Avid SYNCHD, Evertz MSC5600 Masterclock.

The Mix Suite: A kick-ass space for mastering, final mix down or video syncing of any compatible Pro Tools file. Specifically designed by an acoustical engineer for the best sound quality possible.

If you want to record like a rock star at the MIM, contact [email protected] for pricing and more information. The very first CD recorded is set for release January 10. “French Impressions” by Grammy-winning violinist Joshua Bell and his recital partner, pianist Jeremy Denk, was recorded on the MIM stage in November 2010 and will be available at the museum gift shop on the 10th.

And finally, The MIM will host “I Am AZ Music: MIM Celebrates 100 Years of Arizona Music” opening February 18. The exhibition will feature Arizona musicians from Alice Cooper to the Phoenix Opera and Native American music exhibits to multiple guitars from the Gin Blossoms, including one played by the late Doug Hopkins (thanks Bill Leen.)

The MIM | 4725 E Mayo Boulevard |  Phoenix, AZ 85050 | 480-478-6000




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