Worth Repeating: Citizen ‘R&D’ to Open Saturday

December 17, 2011 | 2:00 PM | Uncategorized | By Staff

Here are the most popular stories of ALL TIME aka last week, just in case you missed.

Citizen R&D is set to open Saturday, December 17 in Scottsdale from the creators of Citizen Public House. A remodeled upstairs cocktail laboratory set apart from the “Public” with mad mixologist/partner Rich Moe’s “ambitious, constantly-evolving collection of concoctions” exclusively for only 30 guests at a time. The opening of the new lounge features the following experimental cocktails, tinctures and more, with many drinks finished table side:

G+T – Premium vodka is double boiled at the table with secret botanicals to create a house gin. The concoction will be used to serve a table side “Gin & Tonic.”

Cotton Cooler – Jameson Irish whiskey, fresh orange, CPH sweet & sour, spiced Demerara cotton candy. When the drink is ordered, the Demerara sugar is spun into a tuft of fresh cotton candy on a bar stirrer stick. The other ingredients are stirred separately and served in a small pichet. The guest then drops the cotton candy into their clean glass and pours the pichet over it, dissolving the cotton and sweetening the drink.

Paint Can Punch – Just what it sounds like…Bois Genever, falernum syrup and fresh citrus are shaken with ice for just a few seconds…using a vintage paint can shaker that sits atop the bar.

Citizen R&D | 7111 E. Fifth Avenue, Suite E | Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | For entrance, YOU must 602-904-3904 for entry




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