The Weekender: Campfire S’Mores Martini

December 9, 2011 | 2:00 PM | Eat & Drink | By Staff

The weather is cool outside, so warm up with this Campfire S’mores Martini from The Melting Pot! So rich and tasty, this wintry martini is a taste of our favorite fireside snack, with an adult twist.

Campfire S’mores Martini Ingredients
2 oz SKYY Vodka
1 oz Monin Toasted Marshmallow (4 pumps)
1 oz Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
1 oz Half & Half

Dip rim of glass into Monin Toasted Marshmallow and then into graham cracker crumbs, set aside. Fill mixing tin with ice and Vodka, Monin Toasted Marshmallow, Hersey’s chocolate syrup and Half & Half. Cap and shake. Drizzle Hershey’s chocolate syrup in a spiral from bottom of glass up to the rim. Strain cocktail into the martini glass and garnish with a sprinkle chocolate shavings on top and 3 Oreo coated marshmallow halves speared with a bamboo skewer.




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