Totally Tubular

November 15, 2011 | 3:00 PM | Home & Design | By Staff

So, it’s not as if homeowners in this state have a huge need for a device like a radiator. For most of us, references to a radiator brings thoughts of hand-cuffs, chaining up your beloved while you strum your guitar and sing some raspy, dirty blues to her in a thunder storm, right? Oh wait, maybe that’s just us.

Imagine our surprise to see what the Italian folks at Tubes Radiatori have been doing. Tubes has been in the radiator business since 1994 and their innovation has really remade the radiator wheel. No longer hiding below hip level against the wall, their modern radiators are now proudly presented in a room as modern art. The pieces come in different styles of sculpture from the freestanding Milano with its waving column, to the Pompidou – honeycomb wall installation. Beyond radiators, warming towel rails keep towels or your Snuggie warm and snuggly for you just out of the shower. Tubes show us a superb mix of design and technology that can enhance the style and functionality of any interior design, even in Arizona.

For more information on the Tubes Radiatori, click here.




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