120 Seconds: Chef Shin Toyoda

November 9, 2011 | 3:01 PM | 120 Seconds | By Staff

On the clock today, Head Sushi Chef Shin Toyoda of Sushi Roku in Scottsdale. We find out what’s cooking up with the Chef of the local favorite sushi spot and what foodies are missing in Phoenix.

So here’s how it works, we fire off questions, you shoot back answers and we post on the interwebs for all to enjoy. Let’s roll:

When did you begin at Sushi Roku?
I began with Innovative Dining Group in 1998.  Over the years, the brand has expanded its concepts (BOA Steakhouse, Katana, Delphine) and when they announced the opening of Sushi Roku at the W Scottsdale, I was immediately onboard.

What’s your all-time favorite Sushi Roku dish?
It’s called Chrashi – a bowl of boiled rice topped with 10-15 slices of sashimi. The type of fish would definitely depend on what is in season, and we bring in fresh fish daily, so it’s a great way to sample individual tastes.

If you cooked for the Obamas at your house tonight, what entrée would you make?
With Japanese cuisine, we generally don’t focus on a dominant entrée as is the case with American cuisine.  It is more about the journey from start to finish, so I would prepare a six-course tasting that incorporates a traditional Japanese salad of pickled vegetables (eggplant, radish and cucumbers), then move into a miso-style soup, then getting into baked and raw seasonal seafood, and finishing with something sweet.  Right now we are doing some very cool banana spring rolls that are a perfect way to end the evening.

Do you have a local or off the grid restaurant that you like?
I love Craig DeMarco’s Postino concept, both Arcadia and Central.  I am very excited for his new location in Gilbert as well.  I am also a big sports fan and love chicken wings, so I would have to throw Zipp’s into the mix.

Favorite cocktail or wine with a meal?
A good, dry white wine to start and then a Pinot Noir from Oregon.

Paper or Web for morning news?
Both!  Nothing will ever replace a crisp, hard copy of the newspaper, but when I am short on time, the web fits the bill perfectly.

Coffee or Tea? 
I prefer coffee.  I love Kona coffee because it’s strong and has a bold aroma.

What is Phoenix missing? 
Door-to-door organic produce delivery!  I’ve seen this in Denver, and it is so convenient.  Check out http://www.milehighorganics.com.

If you wanted a taco, where would you go? 
I would make my own!  I love preparing seafood tacos.

Mild or Spicy?
Not to be bland in my response, but it really depends on what you are eating.  You never want the spice to overpower the natural flavor of the food itself.

What’s your favorite city outside of Phoenix?
A toss-up between Tokyo and Vancouver.

Where would you like to go that you have yet to visit?
Barcelona.  I would love to visit Ferran Adria’s new restaurant, TICKETS.

Sushi Roku at W Scottdale | 7277 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | 480-970-2121




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