Chow Down: This Week in Food Blogs

September 7, 2011 | 11:45 AM | Eat & Drink | By Alanna Watson

Post-Labor day blues got you down? We have the only thing that will get you going (coffee) and fill the void in your heart stomach (food). Read all about it in this week’s redux of the happenings in our favorite food blogs:

With the temperature still hot as the dickens outside, we too, feel like heating you up before cooling you down with Chow Bellas 10 Favorite Spicy Dishes in Metro Phoenix. Get the countdown after the jump.

10. Jerk Chicken at A Taste of the Carribean
9. Evil Jungle Noodles at Thai Rama
8. Soondobo at Chodang (pictured)
7. Papaya Salad at Lemon Grass Thai Cafe
6.  Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup at Fired Up Grill
5. Bombay Street Dogs at Boulders on Broadway
4. Habanero Cheeseburger at Carlsbad Tavern
3. Shishito Peppers and Fiery Martini at t Jade Bar
2.Suicide Wings at NY Boyz Subs and Wings
1. Desert Tears at Carefree Station

You’ll have to read the article to know the dish on Phoenix’s hottest dishes (and to find out just exactly what Desert Tears are), but fair warning: This food will make your mouth scream. Of course, that’s just how we like it.

Helping us out with the most effective way to get a BUI this fall is EaterAZ and their announcement of the annual CruzCruise. Yes Cruz Tequila’s bike tour is back and will start at Salty Senorita’s in Old Town at noon on October 1st. Come hungry because you will be sure to fill up on tacos in order to expand your stomach in preparation for the Arizona Taco Fest which is set for two weeks later. Oh, and don’t forget your sombrero because there will be a contest. A sombrero contest. A contest based solely on who is wearing the best sombrero. Oh, we are so in.

If you find yourself wandering down Mill Ave scratching your head over which of the dozens of dessert places to try, you are not alone. Between Red Mango, Cookiez on Mill, Mojo and a slew of others, frozen treats are about as hard to come by as drunken ASU students, but how about giving Paletas Betty a try? Phx Rail Food reported on the newest dessert spot to join Mill Ave, and it’s offering something different for a change. To simplify, they serve a Paleta, or a Mexican popsicle, but the varieties go far beyond the traditional goody bar. Fruit and dairy bars are offered, but there are also unique takes on frozen treats with grains and nuts like the Nuez bar at the top of our post featuring pecans *drool* in a creamy base.

Finally, after your food coma, you may need a little pick me up so thank goodness Coffee Week is happening right now through September 11 (as if you need an excuse). But may we remind you this week is special for a different reason?  Not only will you get an energy boost , but you’ll be lending a hand to the Coffee Pledge Against Cancer event held at many valley locations. Read all about it on Pen and Fork.

Until next week, stay hot, cool and socially aware , my friends.




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