The Rumorist Confirmed: Curtiss to Fox Restaurants

August 5, 2011 | 11:45 AM | The Rumorist | By Staff

Remember the Rumorist we published last Friday? If not, the full story is below. Well it turns out, we were right! Howard Seftel from the Republic reported today that Curtiss has been hired to take the lead at the new location of North in Arcadia. Yum! Read up on that controversial construction here. Now, if we could just get someone at Fox to call us back…

Published July 29th at 1:43pm

Remember Chris Curtiss? Of course you do, you’ve been missing him at your (weekly) Noca dinners. After his sudden departure from the Noca kitchen last month, we’ve heard he’ll be heading over to Fox Restaurant Concepts. No word on what he’ll be doing there or which kitchen he’ll be manning, but it’s very interesting considering AZ Central was reporting he’d be spending the next two years at Valley non-profit, One Step Beyond. Have info? Let us know.




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