Concrete Home Oasis

June 22, 2011 | 7:55 AM | Home & Design | By Samantha Belli

Feeling trapped with too many Tuscan styled houses and stucco track-homes? Well have no fear, simplification of form is here found in Paradise Valley’s Desert City House. Thanks to Marwan Al-Sayed Architects, this Modern abode is constructed of two one-story volumes used to frame the entry courtyard. Yes, the pad may look nothing more then concrete slabs, but the architects had a genius plan for this home. As it only makes sense for its scorching desert location, the first story of the home is all bedrooms, as the second story holds all the kitchen, dining and living room quarters. Why the reverse living style? Having the bedrooms on ground level, slightly sunken in, keeps the rooms cool throughout the hot summer heat while creating intimate spaces. As for the second level, having the living room and kitchen above provides optimal panoramic views out to Squaw Peak. So yes, their is still hope for Modern valley architecture in this thick concrete desert oasis. A full gallery is below.




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