Worth Repeating: Calling All Famewhores

June 18, 2011 | 2:00 PM | News | By Staff

As chosen by you, here are the most popular stories OF ALL TIME (aka last week). Just in case you missed it.

We couldn’t help but smile chuckle laugh hysterically after reading that Scottsdale’s “Dirtiest” duo was going to star in their own reality show revolving around the city’s social hierarchy. The show, entitled “Hot Desert Nights”, will follow around “The Dirty” pot stirrer, Nik Richie and his new wife, former reality star Shayne Lamas-Richie as they do… whatever it is they do. Interested? Well, they are looking for some of the city’s finest to join the controversial pair in what is sure to be an eye-opening look at the scandalous lives of Scottsdale’s self-proclaimed “elite”. Read all about what what it takes to make the cut after the jump. 

The casting company, behind shows like Jersey Shore, Million Dollar Listing and Millionaire Matchmaker (classy, classy), is looking to shed light on the “It” city of Scottsdale that is, according to them, aiming to replace South Beach and Vegas in the new decade. We can’t agree more, it’s about time all the hot bods and red soles of the soulless finally got the attention and recognition they deserve. After all, one doesn’t attend countless Saturday pool parties merely for the tan.

But, if you were thinking of signing up just for kicks and giggles, you may want to look a little closer. According the press release, there is a hierarchy in Scottsdale and “only the elite can mingle with the influential trendsetters and the young, rich, and beautiful beings living the lavish life.”

Still interested? Here’s another gem:

“If you reign supreme within this fierce habitat and think the Scottsdale social scene revolves around you, we’re looking for you! Hot Desert Nightswill offer the unprecedented opportunity to document your life and personal world as one of Scottsdale’s most powerful and respected members of its community. If you are at least 21, appear under 30, and want to share every aspect of your extraordinary personal and professional life as a Scottsdale elite, please email your Name, Phone Number, Photo and a Short Bio to: [email protected]

All (extreme) judgments aside, it will certainly be something to look out for. We personally can’t wait for the “Snookie” to hit the streets of Old Town.




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