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April 28, 2011 | 9:04 AM | Eat & Drink | By Alanna Watson

After virtually (get it?) depriving you of food last week, this week’s Chow Down run-down is looking to ease you back into the wonderful world of food porn by going veggie. Well, that is if you discount the mass of meatheads that are oiling up to venture down to The Old Town Group’s job fair happening right now, but we digress. Get your fibrous fill of delicious meatless eats after the jump. 

Pen & Fork correspondent, Victoria Corrigan, is at it again. And by “it” we mean revisiting classic cookbooks for the benefit of the few still left in this world who love/like/know how to cook. This week’s pick, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison, was first released in 1997 and holds 1,400 recipes including a Linguine with Asparagus, Lemon and Spring Herbs dish that is kindly shared on Pen&Fork’s website. Aside from being chocked full of versatile vegetables, this book also includes seasoning tips, special complimenting sauces, appetizers and a section on breakfast dishes that aim to please even the most stubborn carnivores. Get the full review here.

Speaking of breakfast, this next post from those wacky folks at Chow Bella is sure to crack open some curiosity. Yes, we are dealing with eggs, but this time the incredible, edible wonder food is filled with something surprising, sweet and completely ridiculous…a cupcake. The eggshell is filled with a cupcake. Ridiculous? Yes. Absurd? Of course. Completely brilliant? You betcha.  Sure, cupcakes have had their time in the spotlight, some may even say they have been just as over exposed as that little wedding happening across the pond and others (me) may think that they are just plain overrated, but that’s because I did not truly understand their powers. The actual cupcake is actually baked in an actual eggshell proving that the tiny cake impostors have a few more tricks up their sleeves before they are trampled over by the next dessert trend. The recipe and technique can be found on Cake Project. Just a corkscrew, a piping bag and a little patience is all it takes to make your friends and family ooh and ahh in ahhmazement while still scratching their heads at this cupcake conundrum.

Speaking of mozzarella, tomato and basil. Just kidding. Clearly, transitions aren’t my forte, but this is a sandwich that actually needs needs little introduction. In fact, all it really needs is the “Pane Bianco” attached to the front of its name and hopefully people will understand the weight it holds in the lunch world. JustinEats sang Pane Bianco’s MTB Sandwich’s praises in this week’s “Grub Love” post by commenting on how simplicity can go a long way.

“Buttery, handmade buffalo mozzarella makes face time with minty basil and ripe, glossy tomatoes (both of which are house-grown), all gently pressed between doughy rounds of Bianco’s fine-tuned ciabatta-lite bread, blistered briefly in the kitchen’s sizable wood-burning oven. It’s Bianco’s nuanced skill, stockpiled for our effortless consumption.”

This very sandwich actually made an appearance in Chow Bella’s Five Veggie Dishes We’d Give Up Meat For making us wonder why we are not on our way there. Right. Now.

Until next week, keep those stomach’s a’grumblin’, my friends.

Oh, and if you were curious about the aforementioned job fair, The Old Town Group (the big wigs behind Spanish Fly, Sting Ray Sushi, Geisha a Go-Go and Jimmy Woo’s) is holding (shirtless)  interviews to fill 100 spots for every position you could ever dream of holding in the restaurant world. Thanks, EATERAZ, for that update. We will be sure to wipe the cupcake crumbs and olive oil drizzle off our chins before applying.

images via JustinEats and Cake Project




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