Ready or Not, RoboCop Statue Coming to Detroit

March 29, 2011 | 3:03 PM | National | By Staff

It looks like Detroit will get it’s RoboCop statue, but whether it wants it or not is another story. Created to honor the cult classic 1980s film that was set in a futuristic version of the Motor City, online donors have pledged more than $60K to make bring a 10-foot-tall version of this silly movie prop to life. The only problem is, the Mayor of Detroit wants nothing to do with it.

(Meanwhile, if you wanna meet Mr. RoboCop himself, aka the actor Peter Weller, click here to enter our Phoenix Film Festival giveaway.)

Originally suggested via Twitter as a way to attract tourists (a la the Rocky statue in Philadelphia), Mayor Dave Bing responded with a polite thanks-but-no-thanks. But then someone put the challenge on Kickstarter (an online inovation website, where people can invest in proposed ideas to provide the funding to get them off the ground).

And now other communities are clamoring for their own slice of movie-prop moolah, with some Idahoans calling for a Napoleon Dynamite statue.




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