Worth Repeating: $95 Million Mystery Solved

December 18, 2010 | 10:03 AM | News | By Frank Johnson

As chosen by you, here are the most popular stories OF ALL TIME (aka last week). Just in case you missed it.

Well that was … anti-climatic. Arizona’s $95 million Poweball mystery has been solved. Yes, after weeks of speculation that the winner was too young to play the lottery, or clueless visitor just driving through town, the state’s newest multi-millionaire is actually (wait for it) a 64-year-old substitute teacher. Or make that, former substitute teacher.

Yes, Sheila Verke walked in AZ Lottery HQ in Phoenix earlier today to claim her prize. According to AZ Central, she was accompanied by friends and financial advisers as she she accepted a  lump sum of jackpot check of $49.9 million.

A regular Lottery player, Verke says she always plays the same numbers, which represent her son’s birthday. As for the next plan for the third-largest lottery winner in Arizona history? According to FOX 10, Verke will continue to live in Fort Mohave, but when the weather warms up, she’ll purchase an RV home and tour the country starting with her home state of Montana.

Image via FOX 10




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