DIY Friday: SPOoKy Dry Ice Punch

October 29, 2010 | 2:07 PM | Restaurants | By Lacee Wentworth

It’s Halloween Weekend. Finally!!! Throwing a Halloween party? Want to add some spook to your already wicked punch? Our friends at CHOW show us how to make your witches cauldron extra festive by simply using dry-ice. Head over to AZ Ice Man and pick up some blocks of dry ice. Stop by your local grocery for a plastic witches cauldron and smaller bowl that will fit inside. Place the smaller bowl inside the witches cauldron and then place the dry ice inside around the edge of the smaller bowl. Remember to use tongs and not your bare hands when you handle the  dry ice because ironically, it can burn you. To activate the spookiness, pour warm water on the dry ice. Add more dry ice and warm water as needed throughout your spook-tacular party.

Halloween Phantom Punch Ingredients:
1 quart Orange Juice
1 quart Seltzer Water or Club Soda
1/2 gallon Orange Sherbet
Apple Slices
Orange Slices
Grape Juice
Your alcohol of choice


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