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October 22, 2010 | 1:59 PM | Deals | By Lacee Wentworth

Shop Smart with Coupon SenseWith the Thanksgiving right around the corner, a trip to the grocery store may be the most expensive part of the holiday season. Enter Chandler resident and shopping expert, Laurie Meyers, whose new website is designed to help you save (all year-round) on your grocery and shopping needs. Meyers has been committed to saving savy shoppers money since 1998 when she launched the smart shopping network Coupon Sense. Interested? So were we. We caught up with the “couponer” to get the rundown of the coupon system she estimates saves her an average of $7,000 per year.

Why did you start Coupon Sense?
I was using coupons a lot, saving a lot of money and sharing the deals with my friends. It all started when I called 15 of my friends after I found coupons that if combined would allow you to purchase a pack of batteries for only 50 cents. The idea of Coupon Sense came to me after that when I realized people would pay money for this kind of information. It took awhile for the coupon cutting hobby to catch up with technology, but it did. At first we would mail out reports with deals on them, then email attachments and now we have the full interactive website.

How does CouponSense.com differ from other smart shopping websites like GroceryGame.com and SavingsAngel.com?
CouponSense has a lot of added features once you become a member like a printable shopping list that a lot of others charge a fee for. CouponSense also has a blog that posts deals each week. You can also find a voice on the other end of the phone if you have questions, representatives can guide you through the website and its features. CouponSense is also one step ahead of everyone else with the way the website is updated and designed. A more user friendly version of the website will launch on November 1.

How does Coupon Sense Work?
The website organizes coupons from grocery and drugstores, internet coupons, and AZ Republic ad coupons into one simple customizable database. The best way to save money is to buy an item when it is on sale and then use a coupon to save even more. You should also shop at a store that will double or even quadruple your coupon’s value, then you can get items for free.

How much can members of Coupon Sense save?
You can easily save 50 to 75 percent off your trip to the grocery store by using the coupon system.

If there is a membership fee, do members save over the $15 they invest into membership dues each month to access the coupons?
So many people are skeptical at first, but then they realize how much money they are actually saving.

Does Coupon Sense only offer coupons on groceries?
We mainly focus on groceries because generally a person’s grocery budget is the most expensive bill they have. Most people spend more money on food in a year than they do on their cars. But when there is other good deals on other items we showcase them. Just last week Kohl’s had some great coupons we put up on the site.

How can you help members with holiday shopping?
Right now is the best time of year to shop smart. Thanksgiving is the largest food holiday of the year, and it is a great time to stock up on things you can eat later with all the coupons coming out at this time. Who has time to take grocery ads and look at them one by one? With Coupon Sense you can simply type ‘Turkey’ into the search field on the website and all the coupons related to turkey sales will appear, and it will even pull up where you can find the best price.

About how many memberships are active so far? Memberships around the nation?
Coupon Sense’s strongest following is in Arizona with several thousands of memberships, but we are expanding in other markets like Colorado and Utah. Arizona is one of the most competitive grocery markets, so people here save more money than people in Colorado.

Still Skeptical? Watch this video, the savings are almost too good to be true.




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