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September 14, 2010 | 11:13 AM | Art & Entertainment | By Staff

Calling all gossip girls and dirty laundry-loving dudes, it’s DLT’s column dedicated to the Valley’s juiciest rumors, spottings and innuendos. Check in regularly for the latest (unconfirmable), but too-good-to-not-be true tidbits.

Lots of local TV news, um, news lately. Most recently, we heard that former FOX 10 newscaster and current KTAR radio personality, Yetta Gibson is returning to a TV set near you.

A popular nightlife reporter who left FOX 10 in late 2009 to have a baby, Gibson (pictured at right) has been working the night shift at KTAR radio since March. However, now the word is that she’s signed a contract with 3TV and will be joining the “Good Morning Arizona” crew this fall. We’ll be watching.

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