Chow Down: This Week In Food Blogs

September 2, 2010 | 10:57 AM | Restaurants | By Meghan Luther

Are you ready? We’re not sure if you’re ready? (Okay, they’re ready). Here’s a redux of this week’s happenings on our favorite food blogs.

EricEatsOut: Our dear Eric S. ponders and pontificates on life’s greatest mysteries here.

Not Without Salt is our newest foodblog discovery (a close rival to Orangette in the old-school-adorable department). With National Bacon Day circled in red on DLT’s September calendar, we could not help but gush over Ashley E. Rodriguez’s bacon caramel candy recipe. Think: tiny squares of gooey deliciousness sprinkled with bacon, dashed with cayenne pepper and infused with sweet maple syrup. Still not sold? Check out the photos here. (Photo credit: Ashley E. Rodriguez).

Speaking of Orangette, this week’s post is all about berry cobbler. Seriously, you can almost smell the buttery cobbler dough crisping from the screen. Yum! Tackle this summertime favorite with Molly’s help here. Bonus: super-sexy, berry-flavored food porn polaroids. Teaser below, courtesy of Orangette.

Hello, Phoenix New Times! And, hello, Fry Girl! This week, Laura Hahnefeld is sharing Summer’s Frozen Four (because, with temperatures lingering, no one is ready to wear the heavy sweaters H&M’s advertising). Stay cool with the following: (1) Arby’s Strawberry Banana Split Shake (2) Carl’s Jr. Banana Chocolate Chip Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shake (3) Sonic‘s Campfire Blast (4) Dairy Queen‘s Mini Blizzard. DQ run, anyone?

Chow Bella is chucked full of goodness this week (as per usual) and our favorite editorial confection is this morning’s how-to. What is Chow Bella trying to teach us now, you might inquire? Two simple (but loaded) words: latte art.

Chow Bella wants every barista making ferns, hearts and swans like Cartel Coffee Lab’s skilled director of education and training, Jen Macias. “Latte art is the really very last stage for a barista, in that the emphasis is really all on the quality of the drink itself – the composition, appropriately steaming milk and appropriately extracting espresso,” Macias says. “Essentially what you need is microfoam, and espresso that displays an adequate amount of crema.” Want to try your hand at latte art? Get the fundamentals down here. Never seen (or tasted) good latte art? Put down your $1.69 drip coffee, and head over to Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe, Lola Coffee in Phoenix or Lux Coffeebar in Phoenix. And, if you love it (which you will) check out the Latte Art Throwdown at Phoenix Cooks! on Sept. 4, 2010 (9 am to 3 pm).

Pen & Fork: Chef Gwen Walters is going vegetarian. But, not for long. Though she has discovered many appealing, meatless dishes, she is missing her steak. Can’t wait to hear how it’s going next week. Until then…




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