Flannel-Clad Thief 1, AZ GOP 0

July 19, 2010 | 4:06 PM | News | By Staff

Look, we don’t really do politics at DLT. (Unless a local politician, say, imitates the ShamWow guy or goes all Postal on the shooting range.) But when we read about a recent attempted break-in at the Phoenix headquarters of the state’s Republican Party, we couldn’t help but smirk at the spokesman’s comments regarding the ill-fated robbery. In case you were too busy cooling off Friday’s scorching temps, check out the recap after the jump.

“We can only assume that he was trying to register as a Republican,” said Matthew Roberts, communications director for the party.

Roberts continued suggesting that the rock-wielding would-be burglar’s true intentions were to register as Republican and not steal the headquarters’ “valuable voter registration forms, lawn signs and boxes of old pizza.”

But the spokesman’s funny shtick didn’t end there. After security video coverage of the incident was examined, it showed the burglar donning a flannel shirt, much to the spokesman’s chagrin.

“Who wears a flannel shirt in July?” Roberts said. “That’s my real problem with all of this.”

Who knew politicians, and supposed-to-be stodgy Republicans at that, had such a sense of humor?

[AZ Central]


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