Serving Up Controversy

July 7, 2010 | 1:20 PM | Restaurants | By Staff

SB 1070 RollSo you’ve already tried chaining yourself to the Capital building to protest the AZ’s new anti-immigration bill, aka SB 1070. (Darn bolt cutters.) Why not try a slightly more subtle (and filling) form of protest by ordering up Stingray Sushi‘s new SB 1070 roll. Offered for the duration of the litigation process (eternity), the roll is half AZ and half Mexico inspired, separated by a neat and tidy wasabi “border.” People, this is brilliant, and with the marinated chicken, pico, avacado, tuna, white fish and cilantro, it’s also muy delicioso. Stingray promises not to check our citizenship papers to get in, but we’re wondering if they’ll let us bring our chains. It would be a lovely touch.





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