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July 6, 2010 | 1:39 PM | Restaurants | By Frank Johnson

While this news might have been more welcome before we were all hungover from a long holiday weekend, there’s interesting alcohol-related news afoot here in AZ. According to reportsalcoholics responsible local drinkers will now be able to purchase booze before 10 am on Sundays.

Barring any unforeseen objections, the state’s last-remaining ‘Blue Law‘ will expire at the end of the month, meaning early-birds can get their drink on at 6 am on Sunday August, 1.

Blue laws, which have mostly been phased out nationwide, are a holdover from the 17th century when Puritan colonists enacted regulations banning certain activities for religious reasons. That said, Arizona’s expiring blue law was fairly straightforward, considering as recently as 1985, Texans were banned from buying hammers, but not nails, on Sunday. That’s because hammers, like other banned merchandise such as washing machines, led people to work on Sundays, aka the Biblical day of rest.

Wait a minute, are we sure it’s progress when we’re overturning laws requiring you to not work?



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