The Phoenix Suns Are On Fire …

June 17, 2010 | 3:07 PM | Sports | By Frank Johnson

Unfortunately, it’s in a Hindenburg (or maybe a Richardson’s) sort of way. Just a few weeks removed from a stunning run to the Western Conference finals, Suns fans are feeling a little shell-shocked as the team seems to be crumbling from the top down. We all knew Amar’e might fly the coop if the Suns didn’t show him the money.

However, no one expected Suns GM Steve Kerr to suddenly walk away from the job, reportedly after Suns ownership’s refused to open its checkbook to pay players and, more important, the Suns’ staffers and its suddenly in-demand coaching staff. Even ESPN broke away from its round the clock Lakers/Celtics coverage to bash the Suns’ disorganization. Now comes word that Kerr’s heir apparent, David Griffin, a drafting guru who discovered diamonds in the rough such as Goran Dragic and Robin Lopez, is also leaving Planet Orange.

Now we don’t want to pile on the Robert Saver Sarver is a cheapass bandwagon (although a Google search of “Robert Sarver Cheap” did turn up 112,000 results). And we certainly don’t understand all this nostalgia for the godfather, i.e. former Suns owner Jerry Colangelo, who managed to nearly bankrupt the AZ Diamondbacks before being bought out of both franchises he founded. However, when you own one of the NBA’s winningest franchises, and your whirligig of HR department is making more headlines than your All-Star players, the blame has to go somewhere. In short, the buck (and the bucks) all stop on your desk, Mr. Sarver.




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