Bring On The Burgers (And More)

June 4, 2010 | 9:57 AM | Restaurants | By Staff

Burger joints are seemingly taking over the Valley. Some are incredible, and some are just downright different. At Indulge Burgers and More in north Scottsdale, you can expect a little of both.

Designed around a sushi-like menu (you order with a pencil and paper), you can check the box on a few pre-determined combinations, or get crazy and create your own completely custom burger. So how are said burgers? Delicious, craveable and the perfect accompaniment for the retro yet contemporary decor. That said, the best thing on the menu might be the pickle chips; deep fried pickle perfection! Next time you’re in the area, indulge yourself … and more.

[Indulge Burgers and More]




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